Bespoke Packaging

Bespoke packaging makes your product stand out!

At Pro Duplicate we offer a wide range of Bespoke Packaging Options for your Media Productions and other marketing promotions. Below are some of the bespoke options we offer.

Printed C-shell’s 

This is a versatile bespoke packaging solution, which can screen printed, labelled and have full colour inserts.  C-shells or clam shells are less than half the weight and thickness of a standard Jewel case and are constructed using durable polypropylene overcoming issues regarding fragility.  This makes sending your discs in the post cheap and much safer than just sending a disc.  Clam shells can be manufactured in semi or solid colours and are also available with binder holders.  We also offer plain clam shells for sale on our retail website – please visit

Printed Trigger Cases 

Trigger or Ejector cases are a high quality media package solution made from recyclable metocene polypropylene. The Ejector E-slim case product can be labelled with stick on labels and can be manufactured in numerous colours.  The High suspended position of the disc gives added security benefits.  We also offer plain Ejector / Trigger cases for sale on our retail website please visit

Printed CD/DVD Tins 

CD or DVD tins are designed to hold many different formats of media packaging and are made from stylish silver glow tin-plate, giving a high-quality look to your disc package.  Metal CD/DVD case provides an alternative to standard media packaging offering a fantastic corporate appearance.  Printing or embossing can be applied to these tins, please ask us for details of what’s possible.  We also offer plain tins for sale on our main retail website.  Please visit

Printed CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Digipacks

Digipacks are a fairly standard format of disc packaging these days, but with many types of print finish and shapes available, this can still be the best way to present your disc.  You can add as many panels as you like at a relatively cheap cost – please ask us for examples and options for this versatile packaging option.  We also offer plain digipacks for sale on our retail website – please visit

Designing Your Packaging

We have experienced professional staff that can help source all your bespoke packaging and printing solutions. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you with any issues regarding your selection of bespoke packaging.