Professional Duplication Services.

At Pro Duplicate, we offer a professional Duplication service. We have a state of the art duplication house at our headquarters in Barnsley and are partnered with some of the UK and Europe’s leading pressing facilities and print houses.

Our Duplication services can be used to duplicate up to 500 copies for CD, DVD and Blu-ray. We use only the best A Grade DVD-R and CDR to ensure you receive a top quality product. The usual turn around time for Duplication is 4 to 5 working days or we have an express service offering a turnaround in 1 to 2 working days. If you need our express service contact us on 01226 730606

Duplication is used if you require a run up to 500 units; if you require more than 500 units, no problem, just see our replication services page.

CD Duplication

CD Duplication is the process of taking blank CD-R media and burning information to it via an optical drive. Your master data is stored on a hard drive and copies are made from the saved data, ensuring each copied disc is exactly the same. We use only the highest grade CD-Rs for maximum playability. We have various colours of CD disc to choose from including the silver professional look disc.

DVD & Blu-Ray

We also offer DVD Duplication as part of our disc copying service.  We can produce thousands of discs per day on our robotics duplicators so your product can be turned around quickly and efficiently. For High resolution or high capacity data storage we also offer Blu-Ray, we use the same professional and efficient methods as with DVD and CD duplication.

CD/DVD Business card, Mini CD/DVD and USB

CD business cards are a very popular way of presenting your company information a neat compact and professional card. We also offer DVD business cards solutions, with a minimum of 50 units to maximum of 500 for duplication.

A mini CD/DVD is a fantastic marketing tool as it holds 1.4GB of data or audio and comes with a number of packaging options.

Pro Duplicate also offers USB Duplication, as USB Memory sticks can be great advertising tools. We can make USB sticks have auto start, which means they will load a particular program or file when inserted into a hard drive. As well as this we can partition your USB so that your presentation cannot be deleted but the rest of the memory can be used to store data.

Duplication is a process used for copying discs for quantities below 500, if you require a higher number then take a look at our replication services, were you will find all these media options are also available.

Typically turn around time is between 4 and 5 working days although there is an express service. Please let us know about your deadline and we can schedule your job to make sure it reaches you on time.  If you need our express service contact us on 01226 730606