At Pro Duplicate we are dedicated to providing professional CD, Blu-Ray and DVD Duplication & Replication services as well as a wide variety of printing and packaging media solutions. Our team of expert staff will work with you to find the best solution for all your media needs. We only use top quality media to ensure the highest standards while striving to offer some the cheapest prices in the UK. We aim to provide a fast reliable service and in some circumstances can provide next day delivery services if you have a tight deadline.

Replication and Duplication explained

Many people use the terms Duplication and Replication interchangeably, however, they are actually two different processes.

Both are similar in that they are used to put data, video or audio onto a CD or DVD but that is where the similarities end.  CD Replication is used for runs of 500 and over and is a much quicker and cheaper process than burning a blank disc. However it does require a larger run before it becomes efficient, which is why we offer duplication as our preferred method for quantities below 500 units.